Litigation Support

CSD Offers litigation support for businesses and individuals. Litigation support provides assistance of an accounting nature in a matter involving existing or pending litigation. It deals primarily with issues related to the quantification of economic damages. A typical litigation support assignment would be calculating the economic loss resulting from a breach of contract.

We can help you through the entire litigation process, from pre-trial through settlement. Specifically, we are prepared to handle the following:


  • Provide accounting and investigation assistance in the discovery process
  • Analyze financial statements and information
  • Help prepare questions for deposition and trial
  • Evaluate testimony and prepare rebuttal
  • Value closely help business interests


  • Server as an expert witness
  • Evaluate financial evidence and exhibits
  • Assist in preparation for cross examination and other testimony
  • Help prepare rebuttal questions


  • Evaluate tax and economic considerations of settlement options
  • Assist in settlement negotiations
  • Prepare alternate settlement proposals
  • Evaluate structured settlement proposals
  • Execute award disbursement programs

Among the situations CSD has dealt with are:

  • Quantification of damages for personal injury, wrongful death and lost profits
  • Marital dissolution
  • Contract or shareholder disputes
  • Fraud
  • Insurance claims
  • Bankruptcy
  • Special investigation