Governmental Audit Services

In no other area today are the financial reporting demands more complex than in governmental services. Taxpayer and citizen concerns dictate government units of all sizes to be more accountable than they were in the past. From the constantly changing requirements of governmental accounting and reportin, to financial advice on managing resources and allocating revenues, decision makers in the public sector require guidance. CSD can provide this type of comprehensive assistance.

With over three decades of serving governmental entities, CSD offers a unique audit approach designed to provide you with a comprehensive audit at the lowest practical fee. Our expertise in this complex industry will enable you to comply with mandated accounting and reporting requirements.

CSD's goals of reporting for government entities are to provide assurance to financial statement users regarding:

  • Government's responsibility for public accountability
  • Government's operating results for the period
  • Government's compliance with laws and regulations

We provide many years' of experience and several full-time professional staff working exclusively in CSD's well-regarded audit service division. Approximately 60 percent of CSD's audit practice is devoted to serving governmental clients.

To better serve CSD's governmental clients, a significant portion of our training is focused each year on honing skills in the governmental arena. CSD's extensive network of contacts with federal and state agencies, as well as industry experts with other professional organizations, are utilized to solve complex issues.